D.W. Clark's approach is to engineer every casting project from the ground up. Whether the casting is an existing part where cost savings are needed or there has been difficulty meeting requirements or it is a new part being made for the first time. We start from a fresh perspective while drawing on our depth of experience. Castings have a wide range of options for tooling, materials and process. Many more engineering and setup attributes are involved in tuning each casting to a customer's requirements, needs and budget. If it is not a casting project that is well suited for our capabilities, we'll let you know. Our goal is to provide our customers with clear solutions that exceed their expectations. 

Considerations when buying castings:

  • Alloy selection and specification requirements are often just the beginning of a process that should include design and application needs
  • There is always a cost balance point between the selection of options during the casting process and meeting all part requirements
  • A finished casting is a product of the interaction between the alloy selected, geometrical shape, casting process, materials and methods used 
  • Often minor changes that do not effect the function of the part can be proposed to help lower cost and reduce the likelihood of any challenges to the manufacturing process

Some of our services include:

  • 3D modeling and casting simulation
  • Casting analysis for machining 
  • A casting perspective when converting from a forging or weldament to save cost while maintaining quality
  • Alloy selection and exploring alloy alternatives